About Us

Pulsetone Industries was incorporated in the year 1985 by an ex-NRI Post Graduate electronic engineer. Ever since the inception, Pulsetone has been in the business of telecom equipments manufacturing. In the year 1999. The Centre for Telecom Studies was started principally to cater to the INHOUSE demand. However, due to increased popularity & demand for these courses, this training centre has now become full blown. This centre for Telecom studies has completed 62 successful batches as on 15th August 2005. Students from all over India and from overseas countries like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Tanzania have benefited from these training programs.

From the Director's Desk

On a national and global scale, the telecom Industry has grown like a wild fire. The communication and information sector of our economy leads all other sectors in job growth and the development of new products and services. India is among the few countries which has realized the potential of telecom & IT in the process of economic growth. These activities in India as well as world wide will bring a massive boost to the employment opportunities and in the process strengthen the economy.

In the year 2006 the annual revenue in the Indian Telecom Industry is expected to exceed Rs. 1,25,000 crores. With all this developments the tele density in India still stands at 9 phones/100 persons as compared to 55/100 in China, 95/100 in Europe and 110/100 in the USA. Therefore one can imagine the quantum of equipment, finances and the massive number of trained telecom engineers and technicians that is required. Undoubtedly telecom sector is slated to undergo unprecedented growth in the years to come.

D. Samynathan, 
MD, Pulsetone